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What are the benefits of suspended ceilings?

Suspended Ceilings are an important factor to consider when you want to create the right atmosphere and ambience.

A well-thought out and designed ceiling installation looks great, creates a good impression and can the improved working conditions can inspire staff to be more productive.

Whether you want to a lay a ‘grid’ style or ‘concealed’ ceiling, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer help and advice.

The BIGGEST benefits of Suspended Ceilings

Quick and easy to install: Cheaper than plasterboard construction.

No decorating required: Pre-finished and ready to go.

Optimise light reflection: You may even save energy.

Suitable for anywhere: Can be suspended from any stable soffit or ceiling type.

Hide unsightly services: Light fittings, air conditioning and other pipework etc.

Provide fast access to ceiling void: Make maintenance of electrics, pipe work easy.

Array of options: Choose from wide range of designs, styles and colours.

Fire Safe: Can be made fire resistant to a specified level.

Keep heat in: Thermal insulation can significantly reduce energy loss.

Ideal for sterile environments: Can be ‘Class 100’ clean room approved.

Reduce noise: Achieve a specific interior acoustic noise level.

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